Our services will help to reduce the overall post production cost by acting as a bridge between production and post.

  Secure Backups

secure backups

With the fastest and most reliable dailies service for digital capture and a one of a kind in the region, back up is performed on location onto multiple HDD or SSD.

Checksum (Verification of Back ups)

Confirming the integrity of each shot. Verification of metadata logs, slates, time codes, correct file names, and any additional information.


Visual Quality Control Checks

Quality control checks

All the footage is thoroughly checked for any errors and playbacks, to ensure 

everything is in order while on the set.

Transcoding Process on Set

Offline editing can begin with the correct format for evaluation: Apple Pro Res or DnxHD deliveries on demand like hdds,

SSD, qts for the internet or mobile devices.

Transcoding footage

Dailies Rushes Report

Dailies reports

A very well organised report is made for each card, format, FPS, number of clips, proxies and back ups to ensuring nothing is miss out.

Live Grade Video LUTs

Colour calibrated monitors to ensure your digital dailies possess the look of the final print with the use of 3d luts.

live grade video LUT