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Digital Imaging Technician - 360 VR DIT - Livestream - Post Production

Dit Kenya is a Kenyan-based company that ensures an uninterrupted workflow on your set. Be it spacious studios or tricky terrains, we can deploy technicians and equipment packages fit for all on-set purposes. Acting as a virtual bridge between the camera and post-production crews, we ensure the integrity of digital film workflow is maintained all through. From setting up the technical workflow, advising production on suitable equipment for each project, on-set management of the camera data, image management, live color grading, networking and consultation, on-set monitoring to building video distribution systems- we are the unsung heroes responsible for all the technical aspects of the chain.

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Whether you’re looking for someone to efficiently set up workflows dealing with large amounts of data, including the use of checksum programs, transcodes, and applying LUTs guidelines or someone who can work with multi-camera shooting, different formats, codex, and cameras- you’ve found yourselves the perfect team. We at Dit Kenya are renowned for the unique and complex set of technical and creative expertise we bring to the table. With more than 15 years of experience in the digital industry, we ensure your digital production vision is achieved. From the moment the frame is captured to the moment, it’s displayed to an audience, the role we play is critical and indisputable.

DIT setup for film production. Digital imaging technician in Kenya.
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